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Editing Songs

Sajnos ez a bejegyzés csak angol nyelven érhető el. A tartalom az alábbiakban látható egy elérhető nyelven.

Opening the editor

To edit a song, open the song editor using the pencil icon in the app bar. After you have finished editing, use the save icon to save and exit the editor.

Editing formats

When editing songs, two formats can be used: "Chord over Lyrics" or ChordPro. These formats can be switched between using the switcher in the 'General' editing tab.

  • Chords over Lyrics
    When editing in this format place the chords in the line above the lyrics that they correspond to. If you want to add non-chord text to chord lines, place them in brackets otherwise the line won’t be rendered properly as chords.

    Verse 1:
            D           G          D   (x2)
    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
  • ChordPro
    Using this mode you can edit your songs in the standardised ChordPro format. More details can be found here.

    {c: Verse 1}
    Amazing [D]Grace, how [G]sweet the so[D]und  [(x2)]

Song sections

The chord sheet formatting system can style different song sections differently in accordance to your settings. For this to work correctly, you do need to mark the song sections using headers in your songs. This is done differently depending on the editing format used.

  • Chords over Lyrics
    Add a : (colon) to the end of the header line.
    Verse 1:

  • ChordPro
    Wrap the section header in a comment ChordPro directive.
    {c: Verse 1}

Editing tips

Phones and tablets will often hide extra spaces and insert full-stops when you double-tap space. This can cause issues when editing songs so we recommend you disable these settings from your device’s keyboard options.

If you are doing lots of editing, you may want to try using SongbookPro Manger to enable you to edit from a computer with a keyboard and mouse.

Song metadata

Songs also contain lots of meta data, which can be customized using the settings in the tabs at the top of the editor.

  • Tags
    You can add tags to songs to help to organize your song library. Once you have added tags to your songs, you can search and filter by tags in the song list.

  • Duration
    If you set the duration for songs, this allows the duration of set lists to be calculated and is displayed in the set editing menu. This value is also used for the default auto-scrolling speed if it is specified.
    Note, this feature is not available on Windows.

  • Web URL link
    By default, tapping the globe icon in the Quick Actions menu opens a YouTube search for the current song. You can override this behavior by specifying a different URL here which will be opened instead.

  • Section Order
    You can customize the order that song sections occur using this field. If you set this field on a set item it will not affect the base song, only the set item.
    For example: V1 V2 C V4