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To get started, ensure that both the device with SongbookPro installed on and the computer you want to connect are connected to the same WiFi network.

Next start SongbookPro Manager by opening the … menu in the top right corner of the app and choose ‘SongbookPro Manager’. A popup will show informing you that SongbookPro manager is running and giving you the address you need to connect a to the app.

This address will look something like:

Navigate to this address in your browser by typing it into the address bar at the top and pressing the return key. This will connect your browser to the app and you should see a loading screen.

The final step is to authorise the connection. At this stage, another popup will have opened on the app asking if you want to accept the connection from your browser. Choose ‘yes’ to confirm the connection and you will see you song library appear in your browser window.

From here you can import, edit, create or delete songs, arrange sets or modify folders!