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Basic Navigation

Upon Launching

Upon launching SongbookPro you’ll see the song display screen. This screen is the base of the navigation and where you’ll spend most of your time. You’ll see the entire screen is used for displaying songs.

The bar at the top of the screen is called the ‘Command bar’. This area contains access to all controls, as well as displaying customisable contextual information in the centre. The appearance of this bar can be customised from the settings menu to make it either auto-hide or become even more minimalistic.

The Command Bar

Songs and Sets

Tap the menu button in the top left and the main menu slid into view. From here you can quickly change which song is being displayed in the main view by choosing from the song list. You can also access all library management controls from this menu.

SongbookPro has two modes of use: ‘Songs’ mode and ‘Sets’ mode, and you can switch between them using the buttons at the very bottom of the main menu.

Songs allow you to open individual songs and is mainly used for practicing individual songs as well as managing your song library.

Sets are where SongbookPro truly starts getting useful. A set is a collection of songs grouped for playing one after another and are mainly used for performances as you can move between songs with a simple swipe or tap.

Quick Actions Menu

Tap the ‘speed dial’ button in the right of the command bar and the quick actions will appear. From here you can access several commonly used tasks. You can customize the key and capo position of the current song, the duration of the song for the auto-scroll feature, toggle lyrics mode (where any chords are hidden) on or off and adjust the cropping for pdf files.

There are also shortcuts here for toggling full-screen mode (try double-tapping the center of the song viewer as a shortcut for full-screen mode) and synchronizing your library with a cloud storage provider.

Please see this page for more details.

Info Panel

The center of the Command Bar is used for displaying relevant information to you. It can currently display the current song title, current song key or the time. Just tap the center of the bar to change what it displays (or swipe it on Windows).