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Advanced Settings

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Metronome timeout
Setting a metronome timeout will disable the metronome 10s after it starts.

Flash on tick
When enabled, flashes the command bar in addition to the metronome button on each tick.

Enable metronome audio
When enabled, the metronome produces an audio click in addition to the visual flash.


The auto-scroll delay setting can be used to add delay the start of the scrolling once the auto-scroll has been enabled. The 'Duration' option allows for the length of delay to be customized.

When this feature is in use, you can press the auto-scroll button again to start scrolling immediately.


Long lines
You can configure how SongbookPro should handle lyric lines which are too long to fit on a single line. You can either let SongbookPro identify a suitable point to split the line into two, or you can elect to reduce the font size of the whole song such that no breaks are required.

Monospace chord lines
To preserve perfect spacing for intro/rift sections, this features forces SongbookPro to display chord-only lines in a monospace font.

Configure accidentals
When choosing between two musically equivalent chords (e.g. Eb vs D#), SongbookPro usually selects the chord which is musically correct given the current key. You can use the controls here to override this behavior and force a certain chord to be preferred.


Auto crop on import
When importing PDF songs, SongbookPro can automatically remove any excess margins from the file. This crop can be adjusted later using the crop option in the Quick Actions menu.

This setting controls the level of detail to which PDF files are rendered. Medium is the default and should be used unless you have performance/quality issues.

Using a higher setting, will result in PDF-based songs taking longer to open, especially on lower-end devices.

Display mode
The layout mode which is set in the general settings page can be overridden for pdf files here.


Basic printing options can be configured here as well as viewing an example of what a song would look like printed using the current settings. The font-size settings sets the base font-size for chords and lyrics, with the font-size for titles and headings being set based on this.

When 'Print in color' is enabled, lyric sections will be colored with the settings set in the 'Personalisation' settings page when the global theme is in light mode.