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Quick Actions Menu

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar. Der Inhalt wird unten in einer verfügbaren Sprache angezeigt.

The Quick Actions menu provides you with quick access to commonly used functions of the app. To open the Quick Actions menu, tap the access_time icon on the right side of the Command bar.

The menu is split into two parts, the top icon row and the main body of the menu.

Top Icons

  • Cloud Sync sync
    Manually start a cloud sync

  • Web language
    If a website is assigned to the current song, it will open that site in your browser. Otherwise the song will be searched for on YouTube.

  • Fullscreen fullscreen
    Toggles fullscreen mode on and off. Fullscreen mode can also be toggled on and off by double-tapping the center of the song viewer.

Full Menu Settings

The rest of the settings vary depending on whether the current song is a text-based song (ChordPro) or a PDF.

Common Controls

  • Auto-Scroll
    Use this control to set the duration of the current song for the auto-scroller.

  • Reset Zoom
    This allows the zoom of a song to be set back to its default level. This control only shows when the current song has been zoomed using a pinch-to-zoom guesture. Use this control to set the duration of the current song for the auto-scroller.


  • Key
    Use this dropdown to select the key you want to transpose the song to.

  • Capo/transpose
    Use this control to set the capo you want to use in the song. The chords will adjust such that when you play the chords with that capo, they will be in the key set in the box above.

  • Lyrics mode
    This allows the chords to be hidden such that only lyrics are displayed.


  • Crop
    Opens the cropping view, allowing you to crop extra space from the pdf for the best viewing.

  • Invert Colors
    Inverts the color of the pdf documents, useful if you are using the dark theme.