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If the new device is of the same platform (Android, iOS, Windows etc) you bought the app on, install the app onto the new device and the purchase will restore automatically.

If the device is on a different platform, you will need to re-purchase the app as each platform is sold separately.

If they are signed in with the same account on the same platform i.e. Android, Windows or iOS, then no, you do not need to buy another licence. But if you have devices on different platforms or signed in with different accounts then yes, a separate licence is required.

This can happen for a number of reasons, please follow the following steps to resolve this:

  1. Check that your device is connected to the internet.
  2. Open the app store app on your device and ensure you are correctly signed in to the same account you used to purchase the app.
  3. Restart the device (this often forces the app store app to update it’s license data)..
  4. Open SongbookPro, navigate to the ‘Buy it now’ page in the settings and then press the ‘Restore’ button.
Please ensure that ‘Lyrics Mode’ is not enabled in the Quick Actions menu as this will hide all chords from displaying.
The app is designed for storing and organizing songs you have imported. We cannot provide songs for copyright reasons.
Pdf documents are viewed like images and therefore you cannot modify individual elements of the document. You will need to make any changes externally and then re-import the file.

English, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Hungarian are currently supported.

The app’s language will use your devices language settings, so to change the app language you will need to adjust your devices settings. The app will use the first language in your devices language settings, defaulting to English if no other supported language is present.

According to the play store I haven’t provided the correct resolution images to make the app optimised for tablets, however I have struggled to make this message go away and have decided to focus my time making the app better instead!

You can safely ignore this message as the app is definitely designed with tablets in mind.