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ChordPro is a standard format for writing chord sheets. In ChordPro format, chords are placed inline with the lyrics in square brackets and extra information is added using ChordPro directives. ChordPro directives are placed on their own line and take the form:
{ directive: value }

For full details of the ChordPro format, see the ChordPro website.


In ChordPro formatting, chords are placed inline with the lyrics wrapped with []. This benefit of this is the chord alignment is maintained even if edits are made to the lyrics.

Inline comments

If you wish to place text which aren’t chords on the lyrics line, surround them with brackets. For example:

My [Dm7 (play twice)]lyric line


   Dm7 (play twice)
My lyric line


{c: Verse 1}
Amazing[D] Grace, how s[G]weet the so[D]und,
that saved a wretch like [A7]me
I onc[D]e was lost, but n[G]ow am fo[D]und,
was blind, but [A7]now I s[D]ee.

Supported directives

SongbookPro supports most standard ChordPro Directives as well as a few custom directives for SongbookPro specific features.

See below for a full list of supported directives:

Standard directives

  • Section headings
    {c: Verse 2}
    Use the c or comment directives to add section headers to your songs.

  • chorus

  • verse

  • bridge

  • start_of_chorus / end_of_chorus (soc / eoc)

  • start_of_verse / end_of_verse (sov /eov)

  • start_of_tab / end_of_tab (sot / eot)

  • textcolor
    {textcolor: red} or {textcolour: #F00}
    This directive sets the color for the rest of the section.
    Any set color can be reset with an empty {textcolor} tag.

  • textfill
    {textfill: red}
    The same as textcolor but for highlighting.

Import only directives

These directives are have no effect in the in-app editor, but are supported when importing or exporting songs.

Custom directives

  • x_sbp_tags / x_spb_tag
    {x_sbp_tags: slow, waltz}
    When importing songs into SongbookPro, you can specify song tags using this directive.