Release Notes

Version 20.0 (Beta) – March 2020

  • Freehand notes have been added! Use the button in the bottom right to enter drawing mode.
  • SongbookPro Manager has had a major update. Now folders and sets can be edited using the web app.
  • Songs can now be set to minor keys
  • Song sections can be re-ordered using the new ‘Section Order’ field in on the song edit page.
  • Songs can be printed in color.
  • The artist field is now properly shown again in ChordPro songs.
  • Google Drive sync added.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.

Version 19.5 – October 2019

  • Printing directly from the app or exporting as PDF documents is now supported
  • Custom font colours can now be used
  • The background and colour of notes can now be customised
  • The auto-scroller can be configured to pause for a set amount of time when it is triggered
  • Audio metronome ticks have been added (you can disable them from the settings)
  • A new quick action button has been added for quickly accessing advanced functionality. The new button can be enabled from the settings.
  • Added support for Latin notation
  • Options have been added for selecting all songs
  • Minor keys can now be displayed in the key changing menus
  • WebDAV support has been added to the Online Sync feature

Version 19.4 – September 2019

  • This release is only available on iOS, these changes will be included in version 19.5 on Android.
  • Added compatibility with iOS
  • Added a pedal option to move to the next/previous song in sets
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the app when opening sets with lots of pdf-based songs in
  • Added several performance optimisations to opening sets

Version 19.3 – August 2019

  • Added ‘Piano mode’ to allow for negative transposition. Check out the setting from the general settings menu.
  • Added the option to import chord charts from
  • You can now set a duration for your songs in the song edit screen. This allows the total duration of set lists to be calculated.
  • The maximum duration of the auto-scroller has been increased to 10 mins.
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

Version 19.2 – May 2019

  • Folders have been added! Sort your songs into separate folders to keep your library nicely organised.
  • You can now connect SongbookPro to a computer directly, allowing songs to be added and edited with a keyboard and mouse. Open SongbookPro Manager from the app bar to get started.
  • Dropbox Sync: you can now sync via Dropbox instead of OneDrive.
  • Fullscreen mode has been added. Double tap the centre of the home screen to toggle it on and off (or use the button at the top of the Quick Actions menu)
  • Automatic cropping has been added to trim pdf documents as you import them.
  • .zip files can now be imported. If you import a .zip file, any compatible files within it will be imported.
  • An advanced settings option has been added to allow customisation of how accidentals (#/b) are handled.
  • More options have been added for showing information about the next song in the command bar
  • Editing the auto-scroll duration of a song in the Quick Actions menu, will now show a preview of the duration.

Version 19.1 – March 2019

  • Text based songs can now be zoomed using a pinch gesture.
  • Notes are now supported! Tap the new live button to set text-based notes for a song or set item and configure how the notes are displayed.
  • The screen for adding songs to sets has been re-designed for a simpler user experience.
  • Song can now be searched for by their first line and the initials of the title. E.g. ‘ctf’ for ‘come thou fount’ and accented characters should be handled better.
  • A progress indicator has been added, showing your progress through the set. Customise it from the general settings menu.
  • Info displayed in the app bar can now be customised, tap on the text to change it.
  • Individual lines can now have custom colours and highlighting applied. Add the {textcolor: colour} or {textfill: colour} chordpro tags to your songs. Reset the colours with empty {textcolor} and {textfill} tags.
  • Several new advanced settings have been added, check them out in the advanced settings page.

Version 19.0 – January 2019

  • Songs that have been transposed can be edited in their transposed key, check out the new settings page in the edit screen for this option
  • The search can now search for Bass tab and Ukulele chords in addition to Guitar chords and tabs
  • A copyright field has been added to songs, any copyright information associated with a song will be displayed in the bottom of the screen/song
  • The next song can now be displayed in the app bar when playing from a set list. Swipe the app bar horizontally to cycle through the options.
  • Songs can be imported in ‘Chord over Lyric’ style, just use a .txt file
  • The last sync time is how shown on the ‘Backup and Sync’ page
  • A new sync mode has been added: ‘Sync on Start’
  • {soc} and {eoc} ChordPro tags now have full support
  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements have been added

Version 2.2 – December 2018

  • Deep song search: When searching for your songs within the app, first line of the first verse and chorus will be included in the song search
  • Tabs can now be downloaded from in addition to chord sheets
  • All results can now be found when searching on rather than just the first page
  • Times and dates are now formatted correctly in more languages
  • A number of bugs have been fixed

Version 2.1 – December 2018

  • Multi column support has been added! When the display mode is not set to “Scroll Songs”, as many columns as fit will be used.
  • Foot pedal support has been added
  • Added support for .pro files
  • A number of bugs have been fixed

Version 2.0 – November 2018

  • SongbookPro is out of Beta!
  • The song list can now be ordered by artist and date modified
  • has been added as a new way to download songs from the web
  • The web importer can now automatically remove any extra text that the author may have added to the top of the song
  • The web importer can now transpose songs before adding to your library
  • Tags can be added to songs for quick filtering
  • Swiping a set in the list of current sets now gives options to share or delete the set

Version 1.5 – November 2018

  • PDFs can now be cropped to remove excessive margins
  • A metronome has been added to the live buttons (bottom right of display) with a built-in tap to time
  • Automatic synchronising can now be set up, synchronising with OneDrive every 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes

Version 1.4 – October 2018

  • PDF songs can now be zoomed in/out with a pinch gesture
  • A preview of PDF songs is displayed in the song edit window
  • The command bar can now show the song’s key and current time in addition to the song title

Version 1.3 – October 2018

  • Auto scrolling has been added
  • Meta data fields can be enabled and disabled from the settings
  • Improvised error handling when web searching
  • Fixed bug causing blank screen while resuming the app

Version 1.2 – October 2018

  • Songs can now be split over several pages instead of scrolling.
  • .onsong files can now be imported.
  • A web search option has been added to the quick actions menu.
  • Multi-select can be entered by long pressing on a song or set.
  • Lyrics mode has been added (toggle in the quick actions menu).
  • A warning is given when tabs are in the wrong key due to transposition.

Version 1.1 – September 2018

  • Added options to customize the font size and color of chordpro songs.
  • Added a light theme.
  • Added options to customize the accent colour.
  • Added options to customize the colour of the song display background.
  • Fixed a bug where importing from google drive crashed the app.

Version 1.0 – September 2018

  • Initial beta release

Version 20.0 – February 2020

  • Folders have been added! You can now organise your song library with folders
  • The pedal system has been redesigned with more options
  • Songs can now be set to minor keys
  • Word documents can now be imported
  • Dropbox and WebDAV sync has been added

Version 19.0 – February 2019

  • Notes are now supported! Tap the new live button to set text-based notes for a song or set item and configure how the notes are displayed.
  • Chord patterns can be searched and displayed. Open the top right settings menu to open the chord view.
  • The screen for adding songs to sets has been redesigned for a simpler user experience.
  • Song can now be searched for by their first line and the initials of the title. E.g. ‘ctf’ for ‘come thou fount’
  • Copyright information can now be added to songs
  • It is now possible to disable the section headers of songs

Version 4.5 – October 2018

  • PDF documents can now be displayed in pages as well as scrolling
  • PDF documents can be automatically cropped on import to remove extra white space
  • The background color can now be changed to any color
  • Files can now be imported by dragging and dropping into SongbookPro
  • A memory leak has been fixed along with other fixes

Version 4.4 – September 2018

  • The OneDrive sync system has been rewritten for better reliability and performance.
  • A piano mode has been added (can be activated in the settings). This changes the capo option into a transpose option (allowing negative values) and hides all guitar tabs from songs.
  • An option has been added to the web importer which automatically removes any extra text that the author may have added to the top of the song.
  • Sets can now be exported and printed directly from the command bar as well as songs.
  • SongbookPro backup files can now be opened and imported just by double clicking from within windows.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Version 4.3 – June 2018

  • Pad backing track support has been added and follows the key of the active song. Use the ‘play’ live button to toggle it on and off and off.
  • Live buttons are now customizable. Configure which buttons show up and their order from within the settings.
  • Importing songs from the OpenSong file format is now supported.
  • Sets on the same day are now ordered alphabetically.
  • German translations have been added. Many thanks to Björn.
  • Several fixes and performance improvements.

Version 4.2 – April 2018

  • Songs found online can be transposed before saving to library.
  • |, / and characters are now fully supported in chord lines.
  • The auto-scroll button now lights up when active.
  • Lyric sheets and set lists can now be printed in addition to chord sheets.
  • Italic and bold formatting of song sections is available.
  • French translations have been added. Many thanks to Dan Maltais.
  • Several minor features and bug fixes.

Version 4.1 – February 2018

  • The share option is back! I finally managed to track down a Microsoft bug that was causing it to crash so the feature is re-enabled and working (please let me know if you discover otherwise)!
  • A new display mode has been added that fits the current song onto a single screen, adjusting text size and number of columns accordingly.
  • The colour of PDF documents can be inverted, so now you can have black pdfs on the dark theme.
  • You can now add tags to songs to help organization, add them from the song edit.
  • A new web icon has arrived in the quick access menu, you can assign this button to any URL on a song by song basis, or if nothings assigned it’ll run a YouTube search.
  • PDFs now display their key (if set) in the library.

Version 4.0 – January 2018

  • Addition of the ‘Command bar’ for quick access to all common settings and key info
  • PDF support has been vastly improved, including support for viewing pages side by side and cropping margins
  • The user interface has been overhauled with new colors and animations
  • Songs and sets can now be exported to word for printing
  • A metronome has been added to the live buttons (bottom right of display) with a built in tap to time (press and hold/right click for settings)
  • Tab notation is now supported and displays in monospace font

Version 3.1 – October 2017

  • You can now download chord sheets straight from
  • Can now order library by artist and last modified as well as title
  • Many small tweaks and improvements

Version 3.0 – October 2017

  • Added Auto-Scroll feature
  • PDF support added
  • .onsong file support added
  • Improved chord and lyric styling

Version 2.0 – September 2017

  • OneDrive sync
  • Improved hotkey support
  • ‘German’ chord notation added

Version 1.0 – September 2017

  • Initial release