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Arranging Sets

Using SongbookPro Manager you can also create and edit set lists. To access this feature, select the 'Arrange' tab at the top of the interface.

From this page you can open any of your sets from the sidebar, or create a new set using the 'New Set' button at the top of the sidebar. This will open the selected set in the central panel for editing.

Editing a set

Adding songs

To add songs, press the '+' at the top right of the central panel. This will open a popup allowing you to add songs to the list.

Changing title & date

To change the set’s title or date, click on the field you wish to edit it will become editable. Pressing enter or the green tick will save the changes.

Rearranging songs

To rearrange songs in the set lists, use the drag handle on the left of the songs to move the songs into the desired order.

Sharing sets

You can share set lists with other SongbookPro users by clicking the share icon in the right side of the top bar. This will generate and download a .sbp file which you can then send to other people and they will be able to import the file into SongbookPro on their device.