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Useful Settings

To access the settings menu, open the main menu and tap the settings icon at the bottom. From here you can access a variety of settings and other features including this documentation, submitting bug reports and requesting new features to be added to the app.

Tablet or Laptop Mode?

From the ‘General’ settings page you have the option to change how the app displays songs/sets.

When in tablet mode, the app will display each song on its own page as a scrollable window. This is recommended for devices with touch screens.

When in laptop mode, the app will not allow the screen to scroll vertically. Instead the song will be split across several pages to allow easier navigation for non-touch devices. You can also specify the number of columns you want songs to be displayed in when in this mode.

Personalise Song Styles

From the ‘Personalisation’ settings page you can adjust the font sizes and colours of songs. These styles are global settings and therefore apply to all songs viewed anywhere in the app.

Please note: the lyric size setting sets the desired font size. If the lines of a song are two long to fit on the screen at this font size, the lyrics will be displayed at a max possible size such that they fit.

Chord Notation

This setting allows the app to be switched to using German style chords (uses H/B instead of B/Bb). This setting can be found on the ‘General’ settings page.